AR15 Series II 24" Match Twister/Diamond H-Bar Barrel ($225.50)

Series II 24" Match FLUTED Twister/Diamond H-Bar (med. wt.) Barrel AKA DEZ Long Range Sniper Barrel! Description: * 6 groove, 1x8 Right-Hand Twist * Button Rifled * Manganese Phosphated * Threaded Muzzle * 4150 CMV (chrome-moly vanadium) Steel * Chambered in 5.56 NATO DEZ ARMS, INC. match barrel. The precision 4150 CMV barrel with M4 cut extension (nickel boron), chambered 5.56 NATO, pulled-button rifling process, lapped bore and 11º crowned barrel delivers pinpoint accuracy. Each barrel is concentrically cut and muzzle threaded ½ -28 R.H. twist to accept flash hiders/suppressors, stressed relieved, turned on center to prevent accuracy robbing distortion when the barrel heats up, and hardened to 26-33 Rc giving the barrel a long life. Exterior includes detailed contouring, rich dark black manganese phosphate finish (parkerized), and oil.

Uses Rifle length gas tube/hand guard; .750 dia gas block. This fluted model features DEZ unique fluting designs to improve rigidity and aid in barrel cooling. For Sub MOA at 660 Yds! Our pulled-button rifling produces a superbly accurate bore diameter with uniform rate of twist. The match barrel is machined to tighter specifications producing a tighter fit for greater accuracy. Made in the U.S.A. NOTE: Photo shows fluted.  This item is the fluted Twister (spiral) or optional Diamond barrel.

AR15 Series II 24" Match  Twister/Diamond H-Bar Barrel ($225.50)
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